…… your imagination working for YOU.

Expressing  Yourself 

Your Intuitive Guide

You will explore your intentions for yourself through spontaneous expressions of your mindfulness as you begin to create a path for your intentions to move from your intention into reality.

Being immersed into the creative process you will rekindle the JOY you felt while your imagination took flight as a child when you were at play. Let me help facilitate your intuitive guide in the act of playing again with line, form and color.




In the healing space of my studio, being immersed in the creative process brings you to a natural state of relaxation. A "Letting Go" of that which may be holding you back from realizing your potential. 


​ART4WELLNESS is a workshop dedicated to the use of mind/body medicine, specifically, art with intention for aiding the human body to cope during difficult times of stress. Wether it is chronic illness, chemotherapy, or just a need to nurture your creative side for balance, Intentional Art Therapy is a specific technique used under supervision and guidance of an art facilitator to help people relax and be guided to use line , color and form to help facilitate your bodies natural balance. It is easy to learn and use your own imagination to de-stress, unwind and have fun! Art is an active way to begin to bring "balance back in" and stay centered. 

Sounds simple?

Well, maybe not everything needs to be complicated.


"Consciousness paints the world into being."

Physicist William Joseph Bray.

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