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Johanna's Swirl

All the workshops are one on one instruction. You can take it by yourself or with a friend. I can accommodate up to four people in total. The Goal for me is to aid you in your design and balance once you have your intention in place. What I mean by this is my objective is to make sure you will like the work enough for you to proudly place it framed on your wall at home. For that is the other part of Intentional Art that is very important. It is important that you see your work everyday, even if after a while you do not notice it, your intention is still working with you. In This You Tube Video are Highlights of Johanna's Class. She started with an open swirl with her intentions in the middle. Today, Six months later she has not only  started to live the intentions that she placed on that paper that day, but she has learned the value of nurturing her creative side both inside and out. As you can see it hangs in her home and she has told me she meditates under it.

Intentional Art Workshop


Donna Marchesano was born in Brooklyn, New York.  Encouraged by her older brother Paul to look beyond her boundaries, she was painting and drawing by the age of 8. At 13, she was accepted to the High School of Art and Design in Manhattan and had her first showing at the age of 14. At 17, graduating at the top of her class she was given the position at Wunderman Ricotta and Kline advertising agency on Madison Avenue and moved to Manhattan. In the beginning of 1984, while attending the New School for audio/video and computer animation she learned that her brother Paul, living in San Francisco at the time, was diagnosed with A.I.D.S. and needed her help. In February 1985, inspired by Paul's words, she moved to San Francisco and fell in love with the city. In the summer of the same year she opened a desk top publishing business and sold it to her life long friend and partner in 1988.  In 1990 she opened her first retail store featuring handcrafted items from local artists, and in 2000 she purchased her second store specializing in wearable art and original designs. Due to complication of Crohn's Disease, Donna was forced to close the stores in 2003 . Critically ill with complications from a Crohn's drug and no answers from traditional western medicine she set her mind to try to find her cure." That was a dark period of uncertainty, at the time I started to draw and write to leave some sort of a record for my family, starting with very simple drawings and journals. I was told that there was no cure." From 2003 - 2005, still very ill she focused her attention to the intention of finding relief. The knowledge came by 2005; her instincts had directed her to immerse herself daily into her art and subsequently opened up the doors to wellness and cure. In December of 2010 Donna was again to be challenged. She was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma.  " I believe that producing art work with the intent to heal, was one of the paths that has led me to my current level of health, and help me manage through chemotherapy as well as the physical stress that entails.  The show * “Chemotherapy - A Retrospective” was my attempt once again to use the power of art to protect myself as well as to help heal myself. All the drawings were done at the infusion center during infusion. With much gratitude, love, and freedom I am able to move forward and help others to experience being immersed in their creative expression: To paint with their souls untethered  and their hearts open to their best synchrodestiny. That is why Intentional Art Therapy workshops were created. " 


* Chemotherapy A Retrospective is available for any art for health fund raising event

Call 415 749-0145 for details.