Creativity initiates purpose in your life - use it...immerse yourself into the creative process to understand your direction and the purpose for why you are here.

​There are three different levels of the workshops :

​The First Level of classes is a general class: this workshop is with other students can be 8 to 15 students. This is a three hour workshop where much of the science is addressed in a general form. All art materials are supplied for you all you have to do is bring your intention. I teach from a central point in the class where everyone can see.

This workshop is $50.00 there is a price break for seniors and people with disabilities.

The Second Level: two to four individuals that I give personal instruction in my home. again all art materials are supplied. At these 2-3 hour workshops, I can give focused attention to 1 to 4 individuals $150.00 per person.

The Third Level: If you are looking for a much more intensive experience as we focus the deep dive into the manifestation process of your personal desired intention. This workshop is $300. per person. 

​thank you for visiting the site ....hope I get to be of service to you in the near future.